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" Dear Dr. Cheung, "

" When I was first referred to Dr. Cheung, I was impressed with his modern knowledge and hi-tech, state-of-the-art equipment. I had been complaining for years about how small my teeth were in relation to my (big) gums. When I smiled, I seemed to have more gums showing than teeth. So, when Dr. Cheung explained to me a painless laser procedure that could decrease my gums and elongate my teeth, I was very intrigued by how this could change my smile. By taking pictures of my teeth, Dr. Cheung was able to show me on his computer exactly how my teeth would look if I had the procedure done. "

" To feel no pain, as well as to heal within a few days with a new smile, gave me extreme comfort and confidence in this non-evasive procedure. "

" Knowing that this procedure in no way would disrupt my lifestyle or work schedule, I decided to go ahead with it. Not only was I thrilled with the outcome, but friends and family noticed a big change in my continuous smile. "

" Through Dr. Cheung’s attention to detail and continuous implementation of new technologies, you’ll see why I highly recommend his work. Just ask to see my before and after photos and see for yourself! "

Tue, November 29 2011 - 04:05 PM

- Jennifer S.

" Dr. Cheung and his staff have helped my 6 yr old daughter overcome her fear of going to the dentist. Because of this dental team's professional and gentle attitude and the office's comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, my daughter has gone into Dr. Cheung's office for regular check-ups without hesitation. I feel a peace of mind knowing that my daughter's dental health is well taken care of. "

Tue, November 29 2011 - 04:05 PM

- Anne L.

" Dear Dr. Cheung, "

" I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you’ve done with my new crowns. "

" I can remember a time when all of my teeth were ground and worn down to almost the same size and length of a small child’s teeth, and those that were visible when I smiled were noticeably broken or repaired. For almost 4 years, you had been repairing these same teeth over and over again, while on many of these occasions you did this on your own time and expense and did not invoice me for the work. Furthermore, for almost 4 years you have also expended vast amounts of your valuable time consulting me on more practical and permanent solutions to my bad teeth problem. "

" I have to admit, though, that I was spoiled with your kindness as I always thought you would be there to fix the same problems and that there would be lots of time to look at other options. For this I didn't think it was a priority, and for years - probably through most of my adult life, I hardly ever smiled; and when I did, I was careful not to show any teeth. Unfortunately, "time" had finally caught up with me; and my bite had finally reached a point that caused my cheeks and the corners of my mouth to be uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. This also caused a noticeable change to my facial features especially over the last year; and my teeth had also reached a point where they were almost not repairable. "

" Although I had always felt apprehensive about having my entire mouth practically rebuilt, I was very fortunate and thankful that you kept consulting and advising me over the years to do the crowns. That’s when I finally decided to have them done last month; we were ready to go practically at a moments notice. Other than some minor details, there was little need for planning because the planning stages were part of your consultations over the last few years. I do have to give you some extra thanks, though, for the smooth preparation work, the painless procedure, and the extra time and effort you spent in making sure that the procedure fit my timetable and financial budget. "

" Today, I am definitely a changed person. It is amazing how these crowns not only obviously made my teeth look great; it gave me a new smile that everyone I know had never ever seen before, and one that I thought I didn't have. It gave me a new and more comfortable bite –one that I definitely missed most of my life. They also made a definite change to my facial features as now the bottom part of my face does not look so compressed or fat and the pain in the corners of my mouth have disappeared. It is so pleasing to hear comments from friends and family when they tell me I look great. Most of them don't know that I had the crowns done, but they tell me there is definitely something different about me and that I look great. Some think I lost weight and some think I had my teeth polished; however, I think the major impact the new crowns had on me is the fact that I am not worried about my teeth when I talk or smile. In fact, I love showing them off; and more importantly, I have more self esteem and confidence—especially when I socialize. "

" Thank you again Dr. Cheung for a great job!! "
Tue, November 29 2011 - 04:05 PM

- Raymond L. B.

" Dear Dr. Cheung, "

" Just a short note of appreciation to you and your wonderful staff. During the past few years that my daughter and I have visited your office you have always given us a professional, efficient and very courteous reception. This is a rare combination in today's fast-paced business world. Brittany's childhood fear of dentists has all but vanished thanks to the reassuring ways you carried out your profession and the constant promotion of oral hygiene. Such service is a rarity and is refreshing. We both now have a smile worth passing on. In fact, when anyone asks me if I know of a good dentist, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your office. A big thank you, keep up the good work. "
Tue, November 29 2011 - 04:03 PM

- Adrian I. B.

" Hi Dr. Cheung, "

" I just want to thank you for the commendable work you have done on my teeth, using braces to bring them in shape. I am very pleased with the professionalism you have shown by completing the whole procedure in time and by keeping me informed about the pace and progress. Now my smiles are brighter and my self-esteem and confidence are way up. I am enjoying my life much better. I would certainly recommend your name to all my friends. "
Tue, November 29 2011 - 04:01 PM

- Ravinder G.

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